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The Neva Scott Art Gallery will be Open for business from 9 am until 2 pm, 7.10.2020

The farmer's market will be going on, and our doors will be open for masked customers.  We are winding down and wrapping up, prior to permanently closing, but this is a day we are actually OPEN, Friday, July 10th.  The gallery has lots of art still available  for the bold, the brave, and the serious collectors.  Call if you have questions 509.531.9420

Among the sad a​cts of shutting down a business that is not really ‘open’ is actually moving out. The amazing artists that we have represented will be picking up their unsold pieces on July 4th.  The following week or few days will be spent packing up, delivering etc. (Our original plan of being open through July 31st has been abandoned. A series of unfortunate events, among which are diminishing hopes of actually being ‘open’, and, oh, yeah, sigh, my broken back ... require that we speed up the process.)​

The above piece of art "Estraella's Hand," created by Jessica Heidi Stoker has been SOLD and is no longer in the gallery.


June 29th, 2020 update

We have so enjoyed being part of the TriCity Art Scene, but,  alas, we have been shuttered for weeks that have stretched into months, and now find that we need to close our business.  We will be open (details later) for a few more days before we remove the signage and lock the door.  We have lots of art to place in their final homes.  There will be some discounting.  Please be mindful of the amazing artists we represent, BA Brad Anderson, Laura Gable, MaryAnn Free Smith, Jessica Heidi Stoker, Gary Davis, Connie Fry, Bobbi Wilson, and our sculptor, Nathan Robles.  If you have been yearning to acquire a fine piece of original art from these amazing artists, now is a good time to act. Don't hesitate to call my cell phone 509.531.9420 There is so much to sort out in just a little bit of time.     


Gallery Artists

Neva Scott Art is delighted to showcase several talented artists.​

MaryAnn Free Smith 

MaryAnn Free Smith of Orem, Utah, was born in Panaca, Nevada. She married

Nick Smith from Kennewick, Washington and taught School in Finlay, Washington for a year. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Art and Education. She focused on Watercolor while living in Germany. Strictly a realist, her award-winning work has been shown from Los Angeles to New York. MaryAnn's Work

Nathan Robles 

Nathan Robles is a contemporary sculptor who was raised in Kennewick, Washington. He earned a fine art degree from BYU Idaho, then returned to the TriCities where he and his beautiful wife, Nina, are raising five sons. He is distinguishing himself creating oversized works from welded steel. He is a member of Allied Arts of Richland. Nathan's Work

Laura Gable 

Laura Gable of Kennewick, Washington has been an artist most of her life. Her oil paintings took on greater spontaneity when she began plein air painting. Her work has been widely exhibited and collected. She is a member of the Oil Painters of America, Impressionists Society of America and Allied Arts of Richland, Washington. Laura's Work

DS Watkins 

Writing poetry, using calligraphy, engineering three-dimensional books, painting with encaustic wax and painting with oil and cold wax has provided the quintessential path for Deborah to reveal her voice through art.  Deborah has a  beautiful gallery of her own located in historic downtown Kennewick at 27 Auburn Street, open by appointment and on first Thursdays each month. Deborah's Work

Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson was born and raised in Richland, Washington. He has served his country on numerous deployments as an Infantry Marine and a High Threat Protection Specialist. He studied Mathematical Economics at Eastern Washington University and has a long list of hobbies. Always high on that list is finding time to create art in any element, particularly with pen and ink. Brad's Work

Connie Fry

Connie Fry is fascinated with words and fonts. She masterfully applies lettering to walls, windows and doors. She makes wallpaper. Yes, she literally MAKES wallpaper. Connie and her equally  creative husband, Mario, reside in Wenatchee, Washington. Connie's Work

Bobbie Wilson 

Bobbie Wilson sees magnificence in the mundane and the profiund in the everyday. A self-taught NW studio artist, Bobi works primarily as a Metalsmith and Booksrt srtid. Her work begins with something that intriques by its shape, shadow, feel or mechanism. "When a creation takes off, my job is to give over to the process and hang on for the ride.

Jessica H​eidi Stoke​r ​

Jessica paints big and bold. She obtained a fine art degree from Colorado State University,along with a minor in art history and a certificate in women's studies.  as an artist she is concerned with the evolution of a piece and believes art has a life of its own. A single  piece of her art is intended to change over time through her application of differing media, such as hand collected and created pigments. Stoker's art focuses on the female figure displayed in self-defining expressions of beauty, as a way of imposing a wider discussion about beauty itself. She is a member of Allied Arts of Richland.

Gary Davis

Gary Davis lives in Wakefield Massachusetts with his wife Cindy and their dog, Dixie.  He is a well educated and experienced artist. We are pleased to have two pieces of Gary's Baseball art in the gallery at this time.

Dizzy Dean

 of the St Louis Cardinals  18x32 


Shoeless Joe Jackson

of the Chicago White Sox 



More About the Artists

Twenty original oils by Laura Gable in the gallery right now! Her work  is incredible! 

Jared Rohrer

Too bad I have to fly Jared Roh​rer in from Palm Springs every time I need to rehang art in the gallery.

Jared likes texture and is private about the various ways he creates his imaginative 

works of art​

D S Watkins ​

Deborah Watkins owns her own studio in historic downtown Kennewick, Washinton at the corner of Auburn and Canal.  She is open the First Thursday of the month and by appointment otherwise.  The Neva Scott Art Gallery is pleased to show a few of her amazing contemporary works of art at a time. 

Connie Fry                                                   ​​​​​Connie Fry makes art out of vinyl lettering 

Brad Anderson with his high school art teacher, Mr Murphy, who just bought Brad's Baseball drawing.