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The Neva Scott Art Gallery will be Open for business from 9 am until 2 pm, 7.10.2020

The farmer's market will be going on, and our doors will be open for masked customers.  We are winding down and wrapping up, prior to permanently closing, but this is a day we are actually OPEN, Friday, July 10th.  The gallery has lots of art still available  for the bold, the brave, and the serious collectors.  Call if you have questions 509.531.9420

Among the sad a​cts of shutting down a business that is not really ‘open’ is actually moving out. The amazing artists that we have represented will be picking up their unsold pieces on July 4th.  The following week or few days will be spent packing up, delivering etc. (Our original plan of being open through July 31st has been abandoned. A series of unfortunate events, among which are diminishing hopes of actually being ‘open’, and, oh, yeah, sigh, my broken back ... require that we speed up the process.)​

The above piece of art "Estraella's Hand," created by Jessica Heidi Stoker has been SOLD and is no longer in the gallery.


June 29th, 2020 update

We have so enjoyed being part of the TriCity Art Scene, but,  alas, we have been shuttered for weeks that have stretched into months, and now find that we need to close our business.  We will be open (details later) for a few more days before we remove the signage and lock the door.  We have lots of art to place in their final homes.  There will be some discounting.  Please be mindful of the amazing artists we represent, BA Brad Anderson, Laura Gable, MaryAnn Free Smith, Jessica Heidi Stoker, Gary Davis, Connie Fry, Bobbi Wilson, and our sculptor, Nathan Robles.  If you have been yearning to acquire a fine piece of original art from these amazing artists, now is a good time to act. Don't hesitate to call my cell phone 509.531.9420 There is so much to sort out in just a little bit of time.     


Neva ​Scott's Story

I was ​born and raised in a small, remote town in Southern Nevada. I always wanted to be an artist. I was 65 before I could turn my full attention to that endeavor. After the children were raised and educated and I retired from being a Realtor and a shopkeeper,  (Nest Feathers , 10 years) I began to teach myself to make art. 

I'm grateful to the lovely Alicia Tormey who taught me the basics of en caustic.  Manipulating wax and resin with a blowtorch is a pretty sweet way to create.

Inspired by Joseph Cornell, Orphan Pamuk, Louise Nevelson, and Kurt Schwitters, whose Merzbarn I hunted down in Cumbria and who is quoted as saying when he saw Marcel Duchamp's urinal displayed in a German museum, "objects shown out​ of context startle the viewer," I began to gravitate toward assemblage. The artists above used whatever was lying around to make assemblages in their day.  I am a Grandma, I make assemblages out of abandoned toys. On a different level, the plastics I re-purpose are kept out of landfills and oceans. 

When imagining a new piece of art , I summon up a mix of contrasts; clarity and chaos, exactness and freedom, control and randomness, precision and free flow.  

SHEEP by Neva Scott, 41x29, $850.   

A bit of background for Neva Scott

October 2019 – Upcoming Solo Exhibition 

Gallery at the Park

89 Lee Blvd

Richland, Washington 99352

[email protected]

Spring 2019 – Selected for Publication in Salaan Magazine

[email protected]

January 26, 2019 – 12th Annual Juried Show

Collective Visions Gallery; Selected by Juror Gary Faigin

331 Pacific Avenue

Bremerton, Washington 98337

December 7, 2018 – Winter Show

Palos Verde Art Center; “Pencil Explosion” Selected by Juror Dan McCaw

5504 Crestridge Road

Rancho Palos Verdes, California 90275

December 1, 2018 – Winter Exhibition

Verum Ultimum Art Gallery; “French Doors” Accepted by Jennifer Cutshall

3014 NE Ainsworth Blvd

Portland, Oregon 97211

November 29, 2018 – December Exhibition

REACH Museum

1943 Columbia Park Trail

Richland, Washington 99352

[email protected] 

November 2018 – It’s Political

Las Laguna Art Gallery

577 S. Coast Highway A-1

Laguna Beach, California 92651

July 2018 – Allied Arts Association Annual Juried Art Show

Gallery at the Park; People’s Choice Award for “French Doors”

89 Lee Blvd

Richland, Washington 99352

[email protected]

March 2018 – Vintage at the Ridge

Kennewick, Washington


July 27, 2017 – Art in the Park Juried Show

Howard Amon Park

Richland, Washington

artinthepark,[email protected]

July 7, 2019 – Redmond Arts Festival

Town Center

Redmond, Washington

[email protected]

July 2016 – Allied Arts Association Annual Juried Art Show

[email protected]

2013 and 2014 – Continuous Exhibition at MOSSWOOD

Neva Scott’s Art Gallery and Studio

The Parkway

Richland, Washington 99352

[email protected]

This old roller skate spoke to me...

​ It was a prank gift at a company Christmas gift exchange.  I thought it was wonderful.  I combined it with odds and ends from a dismantled microscope and soon it was an assemblage piece that pleased me.

 Nathan Robles, "The Leap" created out of scrape steel and welded together into this amazing sculpture stands about 3.5 feet tall. It is available for $3,200. It can be purchased by calling my cell phone 509.531.9420. You can Venmo me the money and we will arrange pick up or delivery when the Covid 19 crises passes.

The Painting in the background is 4 feet by 6 feet and is available for $1,200.Call 509.531.9420 to purchase now. to be delivered after the virus crises passes.