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The Neva Scott Art Gallery will be Open for business from 9 am until 2 pm, 7.10.2020

The farmer's market will be going on, and our doors will be open for masked customers.  We are winding down and wrapping up, prior to permanently closing, but this is a day we are actually OPEN, Friday, July 10th.  The gallery has lots of art still available  for the bold, the brave, and the serious collectors.  Call if you have questions 509.531.9420

Among the sad a​cts of shutting down a business that is not really ‘open’ is actually moving out. The amazing artists that we have represented will be picking up their unsold pieces on July 4th.  The following week or few days will be spent packing up, delivering etc. (Our original plan of being open through July 31st has been abandoned. A series of unfortunate events, among which are diminishing hopes of actually being ‘open’, and, oh, yeah, sigh, my broken back ... require that we speed up the process.)​

The above piece of art "Estraella's Hand," created by Jessica Heidi Stoker has been SOLD and is no longer in the gallery.


June 29th, 2020 update

We have so enjoyed being part of the TriCity Art Scene, but,  alas, we have been shuttered for weeks that have stretched into months, and now find that we need to close our business.  We will be open (details later) for a few more days before we remove the signage and lock the door.  We have lots of art to place in their final homes.  There will be some discounting.  Please be mindful of the amazing artists we represent, BA Brad Anderson, Laura Gable, MaryAnn Free Smith, Jessica Heidi Stoker, Gary Davis, Connie Fry, Bobbi Wilson, and our sculptor, Nathan Robles.  If you have been yearning to acquire a fine piece of original art from these amazing artists, now is a good time to act. Don't hesitate to call my cell phone 509.531.9420 There is so much to sort out in just a little bit of time.     


 The​ East Benton County History Museum's

Second Annual Art Show due to begin on April 25th has been postponed.  A new date has not been selected.  In the meantime, I am going to post a selection of the entries that have been received.

  Check with the EBCHM for additional details. 

 Christy Watts  509.542.7704​

Annalyn Sheffield of Richland created this piece of art for the 2020 East Benton County History Museum's ReInvintage Art Show.

Annalyn used an old dictionary and twigs to create an assemblage

Notice the little white bird made of dictionary pages, the intricately woven nest and the multiple delicate flowers. 

The piece is 18.5 inches high, 17 inches deep and 17 inches wide.   

You Were Never So Lovely

Christy Watts

Christy,  "I chose to create this piece in memory of my husband's mother. As a girl, at approximately 17, she was the first violin chair for the Mid-Columbia Symphony.  Not long after she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS),a disease in which the immune system eats away at the protective covering of the nerves.  MS and the resulting nerve damage disrupts communication between the brain and the body.

MS causes many different symptoms, including vision loss, pain, fatique, and impaired coordination.  As a result, Nancy slowly lost the ability to do the thing she loved to do most, play the violin." 

GAS CAN MAN is Nathan's Robles entry into the East Benton County History Museum's Art Show for 2020.  He is still touching up the amazing sculpture of welded pieces of metal.  When it is polished, I will replace these photographs with pictures of the final piece of art.

GAS CAN MAN is available for purchase for a price of $10,000. It is possible to acquire this piece of art today by calling Neva Scott at 509.531.9420.    

we can complete the transaction by Venmo and arrange to deliver the piece when the virus crises abates enough to allow it. 

Maria Shoup created the 8 collages pictures above for a submission to the East Benton County History Museum's 2020 ReInvintage Art Show.  Maria used repuposed and recycled materials to create her art.  Old receipts, stamps, letters, music and paper cut outs  are seen here. 


Denise Wagner of Kennewick, created this submission for the East Benton County History Museum's 2020 ReInvintage Art Show. 

These are Japanese Stones. I was taught this art form from a dear friend Mr. David Cross.  This piece is made of 7 stones gathered along the Columbia river wrapped with natural dyed cane and arranged on a piece of driftwood collected along the water while camping last summer.  A bit of glue and a lot of patience brings the piece together.   


Repurposed & Natural Fiber Collage

I have a passion for paper. Maybe more like an obsession really. I love how paper feels, it's colors, its textures, how it can be simultaneously coaxed into smooth , dreamy surfaces and sharp, jagged reliefs. I love that paper is reusable, sustainable, and easily made by hand. My passion for paper is what drew me to traditional fine art collage. 

I have a passion, too, for natural fibers. Bark from trees, coconut, jute, cork, leaves, wool, you get the idea.  It is amazing to me what types of fibers occur in nature and can be used immediately with little or no processing.  But I also have a passion for repurposing. There's something about giving second life to otherwise useless little bits that makes me feel like I'm "doing my part" to be a producer, not a consumer. I enjoy using unexpected, second -chance materials in my collages like yarn from old saris; handmade paper made from phone books, egg cartons and homework; and tissue gift wrap.  If i'm able to finish off the piece with a vintage frame found at a thrift store, well, that's just a bonus.

I have a secret - most of my work is sealed so it can be ever-so-gently touched, creating what i call a visually tactile experience." Your eye thinks the texture is one way, but your hand will tell you another. Often paper and fibers will take on a new texture or color during the adhesion phase. Once the artwork is sealed and begins curing, it can change color and texture once again. It's always a bit of a surprise how things turn out.


This is an assemblage created by Laura Gable for entry in the East Benton County Museum's ReInvintge Art Show. It is made to hang on the wall. It includes many found and re purposed items: printed letter, rocks, seashells, old keys, and an old watch. Beads, game pieces, vintage art, vintage dolly, feather, vintage thread spools, magnet, vintage box, hand painted wooden wings, a few small reproductions of my art work, a calendar reproduction of a rural Nebraska artist, and a handmade book.

Approximate Dimension: 16" wide x 18" tall

It is not freestanding. It is wired to hang on the wall.  It is not for sale.

Denise Bowles Artist Statement            In my work I use texture, color, and images real or imagined in my attempt to portray the many sensations of man: power, weakness, chaos, and peace. The push and pull of life. People ask me why I fail to settle on one medium. It's because I need to work the clay and feel it in my hands. There is something passionate about that. It's because the repetitive motion of putting paint on a canvas can calm me, but sometimes energizes me. Its because when i find that perfect little object, maybe a tiny clock face, bird bone or little plastic frog, it completes the piece ad adds that little piece of me or the person or place that gave it to me. All of these things add meaning to my life and when i look at what i created, i think of where i was then and where I am now and where i will yet go.  

Dustin Watts  entry into the 2020 ReInvintage Art Show is "Timeless" Vintage Makers Mark bourbon barrel slat clock, with original barrel hardware  It is approximately 36' x 8."

MaryAnn Free Smith Watercolor Class

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Guest Artist Gary  Davis

After earning a BFA in 1980 from Massachusetts Collage of Art, Gary developed a successful career as an illustrator, with clients as diverse as Reebok, BlueCross/BlueShield, Ryder Truck, Harvard University, and Tufts University. His editorial illustrations regularly appear in magazines including Inc, Boston and Yankee.

Gary is Copy Artist (CA) at the Copley Society of Artists in Boston where he recently received an Award of Merit. He is a member of the North Shore Arts Association and the receipt of the Charles C. Gruppe Award. His landscapes, marine art and sports paintings have been placed through corporate art buyers as well as private commissions who share his passion.  His work has been shown in galleries throughout New England, New York and California. Gary is an invited artist and participates in plein air workshops.

Gary lives in Wakefield< Massachusetts with his wife Cindy and their dog, Dixie.

The Neva Scott Art Gallery is pleased to show two of Gary Davis' baseball pieces. To the right is Dizzy Dean of the Saint Louis Cardinals 18 x 32 inches

Pictured below is Shoeless Joe Jackson of the Chicago White Sox,  14 x 15.5.

I think this is Gary"s first showing in a Washington State Art Gallery. Lucky are we.

The Gallery is pleased to be representing Bobi Wilson's fine art, watch for a bit of bio info and an artist picture of Bobi coming soon in a column about her on this website under Gallery Artists.  This is new news.  Meet Bobi and see her work at the Artists' reception being held Friday, February 21, 2020

Lower Columbia Basin Shrub-Steppe

Bookart by Bobi Wilson

A Northwestern view of the local mountain range 

(etched copper, through the windows) with geological, environmental and ecological information hand- scribed  and drawn though a naturalist's journal.

The solidity of basalt, the certainty of the mountains, the steadfastness of the Columbia River and the magnitude of events that created them belie the fragile nature of the Lower Columbia Shrub-Steppe region.

The Flora, Fauna and creatures expressed on fragile paper represent only some of the local species considered Endangered, Threatened, of Concern, or Watched. As easy as a simple snipping of thread these species can be gone and with them much of the rarity, beauty and integrity of this place we call home.

A day in the Life of a Little Monster

BA Brad Anderson's Coloring Book is now available in our gallery. You can get one now and/or have Brad sign one for you at the Artist Reception being held on Friday, February 21st from 5 to 8 PM (Brad will be hanging out to see family, friends and fans from noon to 9) His coloring book is adorable, most likely conjured up from childhood memories. 

Baseball Wall


Up on the gallery wall now featuring baseball art from guest artist Gary Davis of Wakefield, Massachusetts, (more bio information forthcoming) Trevor Anderson, Brad Anderson, Melissa Anderson, Ron Maxfield and Neva Scott from here in the Tri Cities. 

Mark your calendars for an artist reception for artist Brad Anderson, who will be just returning from Afganistan. 

February 21, 2019 from 5 to 8 pm 

Good food, all artists will be on hand.


All of our in house artists will be here from 5 to 8 pm on February 21st.  Get your plane tickets, clear your calendars, stay tuned for details. We will have good food, sparkling cider, and all the latest pieces produced by Brad Anderson, (he's flying in from Afghanistan, probably the longest traveler) Trevor Anderson, Laura Gable, Nathan Robles, MaryAnn Free Smith, Deborah Watkins and me. It is our biggest event yet.  


FEBRUARY 22, 2020, 1 pm to 4 pm

The watercolor class will be taught in the Neva Scott Art Gallery located at 511 Lee Blvd in Richland, Washington.  

 Stop to register for the class during gallery hours noon to 6 pm Monday, through Saturday

 or call Neva Scott 509.946.4478 or 509.531.9420 

The class fee is $50.00. All supplies will be provided. The class runs officially from 1 pm to 3 pm

 but we'll be here to help until  5 pm if you need more time to finish.

MaryAnn Free Smith graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Fine Art. 

She has won numerous awards and exhibited her work from LA to New York.  

It is an honor to have her fly in to share her amazing skills with us. 


On the day, December 23, 2019

Jay Hollick, an art instructor from Denver, and his mother, Irene Heurkens, came into the gallery today and I invited them to doodle on our wall.  Here here they are, busy with with their fine point Sharpies, creating right on the wall. We are unveiling the doodle wall in January and leaving it in place for an indeterminate amount of time. . 


Our festive and whimsical Holiday Art show will remain in place through December 31st.  

On JANURARY  5th, The Gallery will re-open with a a delightful Spring show.

We will unveil our doodle wall that local artists have been creating for weeks,

 (imagine how fun it's been to be invited to scribble on the gallery walls.... )

We have prints of Alicia Tormey's exquisite encaustic florals

And new work by Laural Gable, DS Watkins, MaryAnn Free Smith, Nathan Robles, Trevor Anderson and Neva Scott.  


opens sometime in January, stay tuned for updates






What the heck!!!! Santa walked in the door today, November 16, 2019.  I asked him what he was doing in the neighborhood.  "Just checking up on you, Neva," he replied.  He also thought our gallery was the coolest place EVER. Which was a very fine compliment coming from the toy man himself.

He hung out for a bit and wanted to sign the guest book.  I asked him where he was from.

"Ho, ho ho," replied, "You KNOW where I live!" 

Oh, yeah, silly me, I'd thought for a minute he was just somebody  playing dress up>... duh.....


PLASTIC?  Yes. Plastic, re-purposed, re-imagined, re-appreciated, found, salvaged, rescued, saved from landfills, oceans, beaches, playroom floors, and turned into art. Is it any more outrageous than Marcel Duchamp's sideways urinal? More colorful, at least... this is the art you should be seeing on pediatric dentist walls, in doctors offices, childcare facilities and in the homes of daring collectors of art. 


Nath​an ​Robles

Neva Scott Art is a gallery located near the entrance to the charming and historic Parkway in Richland, Washington.

 Just a block from the beautiful Columbia River and Howard Amon Park, we showcase fine art created by local artists

 and artists with ties to the TriCities. The gallery opened for business in late June, 2019.  

We were overwhelmed with a warm response from the community at our 

     Grand Opening on July 12.