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The Neva Scott Art Gallery will be Open for business from 9 am until 2 pm, 7.10.2020

The farmer's market will be going on, and our doors will be open for masked customers.  We are winding down and wrapping up, prior to permanently closing, but this is a day we are actually OPEN, Friday, July 10th.  The gallery has lots of art still available  for the bold, the brave, and the serious collectors.  Call if you have questions 509.531.9420

Among the sad a​cts of shutting down a business that is not really ‘open’ is actually moving out. The amazing artists that we have represented will be picking up their unsold pieces on July 4th.  The following week or few days will be spent packing up, delivering etc. (Our original plan of being open through July 31st has been abandoned. A series of unfortunate events, among which are diminishing hopes of actually being ‘open’, and, oh, yeah, sigh, my broken back ... require that we speed up the process.)​

The above piece of art "Estraella's Hand," created by Jessica Heidi Stoker has been SOLD and is no longer in the gallery.


June 29th, 2020 update

We have so enjoyed being part of the TriCity Art Scene, but,  alas, we have been shuttered for weeks that have stretched into months, and now find that we need to close our business.  We will be open (details later) for a few more days before we remove the signage and lock the door.  We have lots of art to place in their final homes.  There will be some discounting.  Please be mindful of the amazing artists we represent, BA Brad Anderson, Laura Gable, MaryAnn Free Smith, Jessica Heidi Stoker, Gary Davis, Connie Fry, Bobbi Wilson, and our sculptor, Nathan Robles.  If you have been yearning to acquire a fine piece of original art from these amazing artists, now is a good time to act. Don't hesitate to call my cell phone 509.531.9420 There is so much to sort out in just a little bit of time.     



SHEEP  by Neva Scott 41 x 29 $850

Mary Ann Free Smith

​Sunflowers with Checks and Stripes

MaryAnn Free Smith, strictly a realist, picked the sunflowers and set them upon checks and before a striped background that she set up herself. 

Sunflowers with Checks and Stripes is a transparent watercolor on Arches paper. 



call Neva 509.531.9420


Laura Gable's Fine Oil painting,  Chamisa

I went by the shuttered gallery today and placed this piece of art on an easel in the window. 

Laura Gable's oil painting, 'Chamisa' 18 x 24 is a favorite of mine.  This astonishing piece is rich in color, vibrant, confident and beautifully framed. I have left the light on in the gallery 24/7 so you can see it anytime of the day or night at 

511 Lee Blvd, Richland



MaryAnn Free Smith's Hydrangea with Red

This transparent watercolor on rag paper, 18x18,  can be acquired for $1,100. 

 if you live locally I can deliver to your doorstep masked and gloved.  

Call Neva at 509.531.9420

 or contact me by e-mail [email protected]


Bobi Wilson's Bookart Book, $450.00

Lower Columbia Basin Shrub-Steppe

A Northwestern view of the local mountain range. (etched copper, through the books windows) with geological, environmental and ecological information hand-scribed and drawn through a naturalist's journal.

The solidity of basalt, the certainty of the mountains, the steadfastness of the Columbia River and the magnitude of events that created them belie the fragile nature of the Lower Columbia Shrub-Steppe region.

The flora, fauna and creatures expressed on fragile paper represent only some of the local species ensidered Endangered, Threatened, of Concern or Watched. As easy as a simple snipping of thread these species can be gone and with them much of the rarity, beauty and integrity of this place we call home.

Gary Davis, Wakefield, Massachusetts

Gary Davis has built a solid reputation painting, among other things, fine oils of famous baseball players. Pictures below is Gary, then Dizzy Dean of the Saint Louis Cardinals, 18 x 32 inches, $2,700 and Shoeless Joe Jackson of the Chicago White Sox 14 x 15.5 inches, $1,000. If you are a local baseball fan and wish to acquire one or both of these paintings, I can deliver them to your doorstep.  (shipping can otherwise be arranged.) 

for more details about Gary Davis and his art credentials scroll through and find the information under NEWS.

The Guide, Nathan Robles Newest Sculpture

What started out as Gas Can Man evolved into 

THE GUIDE, Nathan Robles newest sculpture created from random pieces of metal (including an abandoned gas can.)  It is an allegorical piece depicting Nathan, his lovely wife, Nina, and all five of their growing boys.  They are a family welded together, but in this case, a fine piece of sculptural art selling for $10,000 

Jessica Heidi Stoker's painting is now in the window of the gallery.  I left the lights on 24/7. Although the gallery is closed until the virus crisis is over, you can stroll by the gallery anytime and look directly at this great work of art. $1,400

 Call me on my cell 509.531.9420

 to procure this art.  This system has been working during our down time. Thank you everybody!  


THE LEAP,  a new sculpture welded from scrap metal by sculptor Nathan Robles is available for sale for $3,200.  

Call me on my cell phone to procure this piece. 

pick up or delivery after the virus crises is over.        509.531.9420 

The original painting by Neva Scott in the background is 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide.  It is selling for $1,200. Call me on my cell phone to procure this piece. 509.531.9420



I posted the above photograph of Nathan's sculpture and Neva Scott's painting on Instagram and just passed over 2,000 likes on this day, April 1, 2020.  WOW. That is a lot of likes!  Thank you.  We are ready to sell both pieces.  

We are all in this together...

We encourage everyone to stay home, be smart, and create art.

  In the meantime, we are offering gift certificates to be used to buy art

 when we are able to re open the gallery.

The East Benton County History Museum's second Annual Art Show 

is still scheduled to begin on April 25th. If this changes we 

will post a notice here and the EBCHM will use its communication 

channels to let everyone know.

In the meantime, I will be uploading the entries onto a page on

this website so you can see what to look forward to.


all the way throughout the website

click on every single page so you don't miss a thing.



dang it

NEVA SCOTT ART is a fine art gallery located close to the beautiful Columbia River and at the entrance to the charming and historic Parkway

 in downtown Richland,Washington. We are Temporarily closed to comply with efforts to contain the Covid 19 virus.

 We hang art of the finest quality from the funky to the sublime, 

 oils, wate​rcolor, assemblage, collage, cold wax, and sculpture.​



511 Lee Blvd

Richland, WA 99352


[email protected]

The gallery is well stocked with collages similar to these shown here. The three smaller collages sell for $150 each.  Buy a gift certificate for one or several 


Choose your favorites when we open after the virus crises is over.